Chainsaws at Work

BC Wildfire crews are returning to Lois
Creek this week to continue work
clearing Totem, A-Frame and 401 trails.

Head’s up, everyone! BC Wildfire crews will again be working in the Lois Creek trail system starting this week. They will be finishing the work started last year on Totem, then continuing along A-Frame and on 401 from the top of Chute trail to the junction of Barts and 401. We are fortunate to have the crews back again this year. Trailhead signage is being installed to let people know about this ongoing work.

The A-Frame re-route around a wet, swampy stretch eliminated
the need to replace a long section of boardwalk.

Thanks also to Kimberley Trails Society crews who have been working at the north end of the Lois Creek trail system. KTS work crews have removed many of the loose rocks on Blake’s and sections of A-Frame, and they have decommissioned an old section of A-Frame that was re-routed last year due to its wet, swampy location. The re-route also eliminated the need to replace a long section of boardwalk over the swamp which, as Kimberley Trails GM Ryan McKenzie points out, at today’s lumber prices could have cost enough to buy us all a nice yacht.

Thanks again, BC Wildfire and KTS!

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