Tiny Homes in Lois Creek?

Question: Can you please update on any current news you are aware of re: tiny home development in valley bottom of Lois Creek? Will there be public meetings (informing those of us living on Trail Street) so we can have an opportunity to voice concerns?

Answer: Thanks for your question.  Lots of people are interested in this topic. So far, we know that a parcel of privately owned land extending into the Lois Creek trail system from the Centennial Hall Entrance past the old Legion Track changed ownership last year. At that time, the new owners were talking about creating a tiny home project organized into clusters of about five serviced pads, with each cluster separated by a fringe of trees. The pads would be available to rent for people with tiny homes, and the development would have shared facilities such as a laundromat. A similar type of project is already operating in Terrace BC. You can see it here: https://bluegrassmeadows.com/

The privately owned land at the entrance to Lois Creek Trails is zoned R2 (single family), which currently precludes a tiny homes development. For a tiny home development to proceed, the R2 zoning would have to be changed through a somewhat lengthy process that would involve consultation with the community and a public hearing.

City planners say they have had preliminary discussions with the proponents but have not yet received a formal development application. However, Troy Pollock, Manager of Planning Services, says a development application is expected.

Greg Scott, one of the proponents, says that planning for the development is underway, and that they are focusing on the current trend toward tiny homes as a less impactful way of living. Scott also says that their group is open to working with the community, and they will be back in touch at a later date when their planning process is further along.

Stay tuned for further details.

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